Dr. Gabriela Kalčíková is the leader of the PLANTERASTICS group and an expert on microplastics in terms of its ecotoxicity, aging and interactions with other pollutants. In 2018 she was a member of the expert group working for the EU on microplastics (SAPEA – Evidence Report “A scientific perspective on microplastics in nature and society”). She has been invited several times to conferences and meetings to give a presentation on microplastic research. She is also a member of the Plastic Network Project (PLA-NET).

The project group is comprised of several researchers from Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology that are dealing with various microplastic topics: Dr. Tina Skalar and Dr. Marjan Marinšek are material scientists and experts in characterization of microplastics, Dr. Gregor Marolt and Dr. Ana Robba are chemists with expertise in microplastics analysis. The team is accompanied with a Ph.D. student Ula Rozman and several bachelor and master students.

The team closely cooperates with researchers from other Slovenian, European, and non-European institutions that focus on various aspects of microplastic research.