Dr. Gabriela Kalčikova is member of the Management Committee of the COST Action CA20101 – Plastics monitoRIng detectiOn RemedIaTion recoverY – PRIORITY. Action aims to develop a research network focused on developing, implementing, and consolidating strategies to tackle the global challenge of micro- and nano-plastics environmental pollution.

The Action will create a broad and skilled transdisciplinary network to establish a 360-degree view combining the partners’ expertise in chemistry, physics, life science, engineering, standards, economy, and law. This network will maximize the European competitiveness in creating a robust infrastructure for scientific communication, exchange, and collaboration to foster new research activities and citizen science.

PRIORITY aims to enhance the technical standards for sampling and analysis of micro and nanoplastics in the environment, to develop a more reliable assessment of exposure and biological effects, and to advance activities in terms of remediation and recovery of the environment. The scientific community, economy and all the European citizens will benefit from the outcomes of the activities.

One of the targets is the harmonization of the European regulation associated with microplastics related issues. The Action will then support European Commission regulations organisms in critical aspects of environmental and ecosystems protection, food safety, and life science.