Our newest publications:

ROZMAN, Ula, JEMEC KOKALJ, Anita, DOLAR, Andraž, DROBNE, Damjana, KALČÍKOVÁ, Gabriela. Long-term interactions between microplastics and floating macrophyte Lemna minor: the potential for phytoremediation of microplastics in the aquatic environment. Science of the total environment. 2022, vol. 831.

KLUN, Barbara, ROZMAN, Ula, OGRIZEK, Monika, KALČÍKOVÁ, Gabriela. The first plastic produced, but the latest studied in microplastics research: the assessment of leaching, ecotoxicity and bioadhesion of Bakelite microplastics. Environmental pollution. 2022, vol. 307.

ROZMAN, Ula, KALČÍKOVÁ, Gabriela. Seeking for a perfect (non-spherical) microplastic particle – The most comprehensive review on microplastic laboratory research. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 2022, vol. 424.

Our previous microplastics publications:

ROZMAN, Ula, KALČÍKOVÁ, Gabriela. The first comprehensive study evaluating the ecotoxicity and biodegradability of water-soluble polymers used in personal care products and cosmetics. Ecotoxicology and environmental safety. 2021, vol. 228.

KALČÍKOVÁ, Gabriela, BUNDSCHUH, Mirco. Aquatic biofilms-sink or source of microplastics? A critical reflection on current knowledge. Environmental toxicology and chemistry, 2021.

ROZMAN, Ula, TURK, Tilen, SKALAR, Tina, ZUPANČIČ, Marija, ČELAN KOROŠIN, Nataša, MARINŠEK, Marjan, OLIVERO-VERBEL, Jesus, KALČÍKOVÁ, Gabriela. An extensive characterization of various environmentally relevant microplastics – Material properties, leaching and ecotoxicity testing. Science of the total environment. 2021, vol. 773.

KALČÍKOVÁ, Gabriela. Aquatic vascular plants – a forgotten piece of nature in microplastic research. Environmental pollution. 2020, vol. 262.

KALČÍKOVÁ, Gabriela, SKALAR, Tina, MAROLT, Gregor, JEMEC KOKALJ, Anita. An environmental concentration of aged microplastics with adsorbed silver significantly affects aquatic organisms. Water research. 2020, vol. 175.

SAPEA. A scientific perspective on microplastics in nature and society, (Evidence review report, no. 4). Berlin: SAPEA, 2019 https://www.sapea.info/wp-content/uploads/report.pdf.

JEMEC KOKALJ, Anita, KÜHNEL, Dana, PUNTAR, Brina, ŽGAJNAR GOTVAJN, Andreja, KALČÍKOVÁ, Gabriela. An exploratory ecotoxicity study of primary microplastics versus aged in natural waters and wastewaters. Environmental pollution, ISSN 0269-7491. 2019, vol.  24, [in press].

KALČÍKOVÁ, Gabriela, ALIČ, Branko, SKALAR, Tina, BUNDSCHUH, Mirco, ŽGAJNAR GOTVAJN, Andreja. Wastewater treatment plant effluents as source of cosmetic polyethylene microbeads to freshwater. Chemosphere, ISSN 0045-6535.  2017, vol. 188, 25-31.

KALČÍKOVÁ, Gabriela, ŽGAJNAR GOTVAJN, Andreja, KLADNIK, Aleš, JEMEC KOKALJ, Anita. Impact of polyethylene microbeads on the floating freshwater plant duckweed Lemna minor. Environmental pollution, ISSN 0269-7491. 2017, vol. 230, 1108-1115.